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In the beginning we were just one more architecture office that enjoyed integrating design furniture into our architecture projects. In this process, we were delighted by the furniture design as a practice. Meanwhile the contact with the art of woodworking, led us to realize that art is disappearing and should be preserved. So we decided to go further, creating a brand based on strong ideas, new concepts, originality and at the same time that explores the traditional techniques of Portuguese carpentry in order to perpetuate it. In the process of manufacturing, our modern creativity is then interlaced with the most precise and traditional woodworking techniques. Our furniture is handmade by craftsmen in a small centennial factory, one of the few remaining places where time serves quality and attention to detail. The final outcome is a multidisciplinary product that is 100% portuguese, exuding modernity and tradition. MO-OW design is a furniture brand, developed by the architects ângela frias and gonçalo dias. www.A2Garquitectura.com

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ângela frias and gonçalo dias (Porto, Portugal, 1977) are both architects, in 2004 they founded the A2Garquitectura studio, where they developed the prominent works like the Residential Building in Matosinhos, which was selected for the National Architecture exhibition “Habitar Portugal 2006-2008”, and for La Biennale di Venezia the 14ª international Architecture exibition, at “Homeland news from Portugal” 2014; the scenography's “Historias Suspensas” 2009 and “Projecto Secreto” 2013; and the Japanese restaurants Sushihana at Porto, 2011 and 2014. The MO-OW furniture was exhibited at the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art of Porto, in the POP’s 2010 Portuguese Original Products exhibition; at BLOOOM Art Fair Cologne 2012; Clerkenwell Design Week London 2013; at Beijing Design Week 2014 within the 2nd edition of the Art on Chairs “How to pronounce design Portuguese (2000-2014)”.: at MUDE - Museum do Design e da Moda, Lisboa, (2015); House of Culture Paredes - MObN1 in "art on chairs" (2015); EXP ́15 - "AS FAR AS THE MIND CAN SEE", bienal ExperimentaDesign 2015.