215x 50y 50z

lacquered mdf matte

other colors and dimensions
on request

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MOb P1

MOb collection | P1 sideboard

The fascination of exploring a piece of furniture's form as an architecture element, lead us to develop the MOb collection, the first collection created by MO-OW design. The layout of the drawers comprises a strict geometrical and functional logic on different faces of the sideboard, as the composition of openings in the facade of a contemporary building. The image of this collection comes from that plasticity of the compositions of the drawers and compartments in different sides and on the top of the cupboard. Beyond the organization and plasticity, the construction method is essential in the manufacture of each model. Each side is built from a single piece of wood. We intended it to have a carved solid feel.

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MOb collection

N1 sideboard | N2 sideboard | T1 table | P1 sideboard

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